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What To Look For In Free Unlimited Hosting

If you are planning to start your own website, there are many options, which can include free or paid hosting. Free unlimited hosting can be a good option, especially if you are just starting your website and are learning how to run your own website.


Not all free services are the same. If you elect to use free unlimited hosting and want to utilize monetization strategies, you need to read the fine print. Make sure that you are able to place different types of advertising on your website, or at least know if there are any limitations. Some hosting plans may limit you to certain types of advertising or advertising programs.

Another aspect of ownership is the content on your website. Before signing up for free unlimited hosting, make sure you own all the content you place on your website. Owning your own content can prevent your hosting provider from taking down your website without warning, and preventing you from moving your content to another host in the future.

Content Management Systems

One of the most important aspects of running your own website, beyond your hosting, is the content management system (CMS). When you are choosing hosting, you should look for options that provide you with many options for a CMS. Although most people only want to utilize WordPress, you may want access to a different CMS to experiment or as your needs change.

No matter the CMS you choose, make sure you have access to many free templates and add-ons for your website. You may not recognize an immediate need for forums, shopping carts and online chats, but if your website goes in another direction or you find ways to increase traffic, you will like to have the options at your disposal.


Make sure you understand the security options provided with your hosting plan. You want your hosting provider to routinely backup your site to minimize or prevent loss of data. Furthermore, you need an additional layer of protection to prevent injection of malware or viruses into your site, or unauthorized access to your site. Although you may choose to install protection and data backup with your CMS, the extra layer of protection from your host is important.

Choosing a hosting provider is the first step in building a website that fits your needs and possibly building a business. There are free unlimited hosting options available that can provide you with similar resources as paid options, if you know what to look for. © 2015